Alice in Borderland
Synopsis: "Obsessed gamer Arisu suddenly finds himself in a strange, emptied-out version of Tokyo in which he and his friends must compete in dangerous games in order to survive."

Edit summary: The first season is left mostly intact, just removing some bad cgi and a lot of unnecessary backstory flashbacks that are supposed to give characters depth or meaning but just end up feeling like a waste of time.

The second season is a much deeper cut, fixing a bunch of poor dialogue and the super heavy-handed plot-hinting, and removing numerous slow sections to match the pace of the first season. It feels like they started trying too hard to be deep and it just doesn't come across as genuine without a heavy edit to strip and trim it. Also significantly changed the ending to remove the fanservice.
Star Wars
Synopsis: "Star Wars is a space fantasy that follows a group of characters with special powers who participate in the struggle for the fate of the galaxy, with the Empire trying to seize control and crush the Rebellion. The series is split into three trilogies, Episode 4-6 were created first, then a prequel trilogy (Episode 1-3) was released, giving the origin story for some of those characters. Finally episodes 7-9 basically reboot the series and poorly recreate the main plot from episodes 4-6 to "continue" the series with new actors in a cash grab for a new generation."

Edit summary: Ep1: Cut a ton of Jar Jar Binks scenes and some bad CGI, heavy trims to the pod racing to improve the pace of the film.

Ep2: Cut some Jar Jar Binks scenes, some bad acting moments, a bunch of droid slapstick, and streamlines other scenes for pacing.

Ep3: Cut the missiles and buzz droids in the intro, the back half of the General Grievous fight, streamlined some of the lightsaber fights to be a little less "dramatic", and trimmed quite a bit of bad acting and dialogue.

Ep4: Cut a little bad CGI, lame lightsaber moments, lightsaber jump cuts, and a long unnecessary droid scene, plus a few trims to fix some plot holes.

Ep5: Cut the random yeti plot, the cave, and Yoda acting crazy. Trimmed a couple iconic but poorly acted moments.

Ep6: Cut some bad CGI, and some parts of the Ewok battle.

Ep7-9: Trash bin
Harry Brown
Synopsis: "A recently widowed former Royal Marine, decides to take action against the teenage drug dealers terrorizing and killing the residents of his South London neighborhood."

Edit summary: Small trims here and there to speed up and streamline the story a bit. It's still a slow burn, but the trims remove the lulls so it's smooth and engaging.
Synopsis: "A retired orchestra conductor is on vacation with his daughter and his film director best friend in the Alps when he receives an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to perform for Prince Philip's birthday."

Edit summary: Trimmed into a short film purely focused on Michael Caine and Paul Dano. I liked the essence of the spa vacation without the drama introduced by the side stories. This does change the meaning and the core stories quite a bit in the process.
Best Man Down
Synopsis: "A newlywed couple cancels their honeymoon and returns to the snowy Midwest to make the funeral arrangements for their best man, who died unexpectedly after their ceremony."

Edit summary: Stripped out some of the newlywed stuff and changed the order of the scenes around to focus it more on Addison Timlin's character.

Ver7: Moved one scene earlier to avoid potential plot hole
Synopsis: "When a renowned architecture scholar falls suddenly ill during a speaking tour, his son Jin finds himself stranded in Columbus, Indiana, a small Midwestern city celebrated for its many significant modernist buildings. Jin strikes up a friendship with Casey, a young architecture enthusiast who works at the local library."

Edit summary: I have a lot of respect for this director, he did an amazing job weaving a light story into some beautiful imagery. Really excellent the way he juxtaposed the actors with the architecture.

This edit just tightens up the story slightly, toning down some of the side characters to keep the focus on the Jin and Casey story. It makes the pace slightly less sluggish but does not make it a fast movie by any means, the contemplative vibe is left fully intact along with some long periods of silence, it just isn't quite as extreme as in the original.
For All Mankind
Synopsis: "In an alternative version of 1969, the Soviet Union beats the United States to the Moon, and the space race continues on for decades with still grander challenges and goals."

Edit summary: This edit drops season 3, along with the daughter plot, the affairs, the mexican girl, and a lot of the non-space drama at home. These cuts speed up the formerly sluggish narrative, although certain long scenes are preserved where appropriate. The show is very high quality and has a lot of historically accurate references, but this edit focuses more on the science fiction drama.
The Gray Man
The Gray Man (2022)
Synopsis: "When the CIA's most skilled off-book operative accidentally uncovers corruption, a psychopathic former colleague puts a bounty on his head."
No Edit Necessary
A Good Year
Synopsis: "A British investment broker inherits his uncle's chateau and vineyard in Provence, where he spent much of his childhood. He discovers a new laid-back lifestyle as he tries to renovate the estate to be sold."

Edit summary: Trim a few of the flashbacks and take out other scenes that remove pacing or interrupt the feel-good vibe of the film to shorten and smooth out the experience.
Warm Bodies
Synopsis: "After a highly unusual zombie saves a still-living girl from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion events that might transform the entire lifeless world."

Edit summary: Fix a couple continuity errors, and strip out a couple corny action sequences and stereotypical tropes.

Even though the edit is small in terms of minutes cut, it does make a huge difference to the vibe and flow of the film. Cutting the shoehorned action unfortunately removes most of the tension, and rearranging the scenes in a more logical way makes it seem like a much simpler story since it isn't being interrupted.

I like the unique story, but it does feel a bit too quick and light in places that should matter - like the end of three days, and the final bonies fight. They should have beefed up those moments rather than shoehorning in the unnecessary moments cut by this edit.
Mile 22
Mile 22 (2018)
Synopsis: "CIA operative James Silva leads a small but lethal paramilitary team on an urgent and dangerous mission. They must transport a foreign intelligence asset from an American embassy in Southeast Asia to an airfield for extraction -- a distance of 22 miles. Silva and the soldiers soon find themselves in a race against time as the city's military, police and street gangs close in to reclaim the asset."
No Edit Necessary
Synopsis: "After conditions in her new home become unbearable, a teenage girl runs away and befriends an older man preparing for a hike through the Alaskan wilderness."

Edit summary: Trimmed the start to be less sympathetic to the uncle, as well as giving the story a quicker start. A few other trims to focus the story more on the relationship between Mackenzie and Bart.
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Synopsis: "When the 243-year-old Mr. Magorium (Dustin Hoffman) discovers his health is failing, he turns over his fantastical toy store to his manager, Molly Mahoney (Natalie Portman), a talented pianist and aspiring composer who isn't sure she's ready to take the reins. Since the store reflects the energy of those who run it, Molly must work to lift her spirits and help the shop recapture its magic. Jason Bateman co-stars."
(Synopsis compliments of Netflix)

Edit summary: Removed all the "chapter" interruptions that take you out of the story, and all associated voiceovers, and reduced the role of the bookbuilder and the lonely kid.
Synopsis: "Luther is a brilliant but emotionally impulsive detective who is tormented by the dark side of humanity while hunting down murderers. He must grapple with the intensity of both his job and his personal life as the two become intertwined."

Edit summary: Follows the Luther and Alice plot arc that's the heart of the series, cuts off the later seasons that are more standard police procedural.
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer (2018)
Synopsis: "An untested American submarine captain teams up with U.S. Navy Seals to rescue the Russian president, who has been kidnapped by a rogue general."
No Edit Necessary