Columbus (2017)
Synopsis: "When a renowned architecture scholar falls suddenly ill during a speaking tour, his son Jin finds himself stranded in Columbus, Indiana, a small Midwestern city celebrated for its many significant modernist buildings. Jin strikes up a friendship with Casey, a young architecture enthusiast who works at the local library."
Edit summary: I have a lot of respect for this director, he did an amazing job weaving a light story into some beautiful imagery. Really excellent the way he juxtaposed the actors with the architecture.

This edit just tightens up the story slightly, toning down some of the side characters to keep the focus on the Jin and Casey story. It makes the pace slightly less sluggish but does not make it a fast movie by any means, the contemplative vibe is left fully intact along with some long periods of silence, it just isn't quite as extreme as in the original.

Ver7: Remastered
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