Premiere Pro 2021 XML fix script
Note: this script is not used for viewing the movie/tv edits provided by BestEdit, this is just for editors who want to release their own edits in XML format, since the original files exported from Premiere Pro are very buggy and unusable. For instructions on how to download and view an edit provided by BestEdit, please read the Tutorial.
Premiere Pro has some major bugs with the XML files it exports. Often they're so broken you can't reimport them correctly. This powershell script fixes many of those issues as well as adding some utility features. Below is a list of feature highlights and a download link.
More detailed notes can be found at the top of the script, along with a few variables you need to insert your own values into before you run it.
  • Converts the project to 24fps and fixes inconsistencies between Premiere Pro 2019 and 2021. This corrects the frame count on transitions and the length of the file in PP 2021
  • Fixes a bug where certain video framerates cause shifted audio tracks
  • Fixes two bugs where certain audio transitions are no longer attached to their audio clips after re-import
  • Fixes a bug where gain adjustments are reimported as negative infinity gain (silencing the audio completely)
  • Fixes a bug where speed adjustments are reimported with completely incorrect clip lengths
  • (optional) Cleans up the naming conventions on your movie and xml files, and zips up the fixed xml for you
  • (optional) Changes all audio to Dolby 5.1, so others can use any type of audio source without quality degradation
  • (optional) Converts the Constant Gain transitions to simulated Exponential Fades by using keyframes to fade audio
  • (optional) Tracks the source video file names and assigns them the same numeric ID value in every project
  • (optional) Recenter transitions for better Premiere compatibility